MORGAN AEROMAX 4400 V8 320CV M020_038 - ECU Ori stage 1 MORGAN AEROMAX 4400 V8 320CV M020_038 Driver DRT flexfuel ethanol E85 chiptuning tuning file tuned database Ecu Petrol > MORGAN AEROMAX 4400 V8 320CV
BOSCH | MEV9.4.6 | 020-5.038 M58BW016 0261209020 | 1037375038 | | |
Checksum : 17F2
kess protocol : 257.
ktag protocol :
ORI file:
20 €.
Ethanol file
: 150 €.
+ stage 1: 190 €.

Stage 1

Undo bad file

Speed limit Vmax off

Lambda off

Start & stop off

Flaps off

Pop & bang Burble

Damos A2L

ORI = Download ori file
Stage 1 = Tuned file.
Stage 1 E85 flexfuel = Stage 1 + automatic flexfuel file

Direct payment with paypal; Email with file under 1 hour.

MORGAN AEROMAX 4400 V8 320CV Information
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