reprogrammation moteur

Reprogrammation moteur

Reprogrammation moteur puissance - Ethanol E85

Full Ecu list > Search EDC7U\U1
EDC7U\U1 - ECU ori Stock File - Tuned stage 1 EDC7U\U1 p ori flexfuel ethanol E85 chiptuning tuning file tuned Database - Driver Stage 1
ECU Model
ORI - Stock file = Download Stock - Original ori file
Stage 1 = Tuned file.
Stage 1 E85 flexfuel = Stage 1 + automatic flexfuel file
Stage 1
Undo bad file
Speed limit Vmax off
Lambda off
Start & stop off
Flaps off
Pop & bang Burble
Damos A2L

Direct payment with paypal; Email with file under 1 hour.

Ecu pcm file